In the previous articles, we have covered general information about DeFi, the difference compared to CeFi, commonly used DApps and how they are being used on different blockchain protocols. We also shared a brief introduction to EcoCelium. This DeFi platform aims to become a game changer among the various opportunities currently available in the DeFi space.

Let us start!

This unique feature gives users the ability to earn even higher yields than most other DeFi platforms on the market by using our stable crypto to crypto trading mechanism.

With EcoCelium you can earn high APY through different features

New users who connect to the platform using a referral link from an existing EcoCelium user will get rewarded with ECO tokens equal to $50 USD when their first order in EARN gets approved.

Upcoming features for EcoCelium

EcoCelium with upcoming features, EcoCelerator and EcoLizer

The main advantage with the Binance Smart Chain version will be high-speed transactions at a fraction of the cost for a similar transaction on the Ethereum network.


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