Get ready for EcoCelerator, which is currently under development.

This product is exceptional because it will provide the ability to use both Uniswap and EcoCelium platforms simultaneously and allow all our loyal members to receive additional rewards.

By joining the Eco/USDT liquidity pool with his tokens, the user will be issued a Liquidity Pool token (LP). This LP token represents the user’s contribution to the established liquidity pool. The user is rewarded with this LP token as a reflection of his contribution to that liquidity pool.

As a holder of a Liquidity Pool Token (LP) token, you can connect with the EcoCelium DeFi platform and add your available assets into the EcoCelerator feature to enjoy more rewards.

EcoCelium itself has already been allocating high rewards to all users for the past few months, since the beta to pre-launch phases. EcoCelerator is yet another exciting feature that will offer even more possibilities to earn passive income. The EcoCelium platform will now display Treasury, Earn, and EcoCelerator features.

The EcoCelerator function was created so that current and future users can benefit while using the liquidity pools and EcoCelium. Additionally, EcoCelerator and all our DeFi platform features combined with the EcoCelium Referral Plan that will be implemented, users will have multiple opportunities to benefit.

By participating in the Eco/USDT Uniswap liquidity pool, the user will be able to increase their rewards while participating in the UniSwap Liquidity pool, EcoCelium and Referral Program rewards all at the same time.

The possibility of unlocking additional rewards can be achieved by staking your Liquidity Pool token in EcoCelium.

Connect with EcoCelium today and don’t miss this opportunity.

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